Camp Quest Chesapeake operates under the guidance of the Camp Quest Mid-Atlantic regional board. The regional board is listed below with all listed being full board members. Those with additional roles as named officers are denoted by that additional role.

Board of Directors

  • Chair: Korvin S. Kraics
  • Vice Chair: Nathaniel Dominy
  • Treasurer: Elizabeth Clark
  • Secretary: Nick Travis
  • Board Member: Liz Powers
  • Board Member: Sheryl Massie
  • Board Member: Ben Frey

Meet Our Camp Director!

We are excited to introduce our new Camp Director, Sarah Henry!  Yep, she’s the same Sarah you all know and love throughout your years with Camp Quest.  Sarah recently graduated from Lynn University in South Florida with a degree in Political Science and Photography. She has volunteered at Camp Quest Chesapeake for four years and has been involved with Camp Quest for eleven.  This is her first year as Camp Director, and we’re lucky to have her!

Sarah is passionate about sharing humanistic values and empowering future generations with scientific inquiry and non-theistic ethics. She believes that volunteering at Camp Quest is one of the most effective and rewarding way to accomplish these goals.  Sarah also serves as the Secretary of the Secular Student Alliance Board of Directors.


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